Les Djameries #26

Les djameries #26

Playlists - par La rédaction - 6 novembre 2017

1 Zombizar by Barney Wilen
2 To Neneh by Don from Jacques by Jacques Thollot
3 Las Vegas Tango by Gil Evans
4 Ode Maritime - Partie II - Lame de Fond by Lande
5 175 Canal St. by Onyx Collective
6 Mambo Pancakes by Onyx Collective
7 Autoportrait avec Ohana et Albeniz [Merci Ligeti] by Onze Heures Onze
8 Peace on You by Muhal Richard Abrams
9 Dawn Lit Metropolis by Ill Considered
10 Where the earth meets the sky by Wildflower
11 Ithi Gqi by Going South
12 Spirit of St. Louis by Fox

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