Les Djameries #19

1. Wêrê Wêrê Magni by Volta Jazz

2. Come Down by Anderson .Paak

3. Unexperienced by Buttering Trio

4. Pondjo Pondjo by Jupiter Okwess

5. Mzawandile by Shabaka and the Ancestors

6. Bismillah by Sarathy Korwar

7. Zero by Prince Waly x Myth Syzer Feat. Ichon

8. Lift Me Up by Vince Staples

9. Naked Life by Oko Ekombo

10. The World Above by La Recette

11. Seara de Oxala by Barbosa

12. Desengano da vista by Pedro Santos

13. Liane et Banian by Ray Lema & Laurent de Wilde

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